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Why our overhead shelving is different

In our desire to help homeowners with their storage and organizational problems, we researched the options available.  You may have seen the white wire overhead shelves that are made in China.  We found them to be too limiting, so we created our own steel overhead shelves made in Utah.  Listed below are a few important differences:

               The competition 

  • First, they cannot be customized to fit from wall to wall.

  • Second, they are only attached to the ceiling. This limits their weight capacity and creates a dangerous situation where they will sway.

  • Third, they cannot be attached to each other to create one continuous shelf made out of multiple units. This creates a small space between each 4'x8' unit and the wall.

  • Fourth, the ceiling support is fixed at the corner. This forces the shelving to be installed against the direction of the ceiling joists. Because of this, the shelf can only be installed in limited locations in order to fit ceiling mounts properly. The overhead shelving cannot be installed wherever you want, you must install according to optimal rafter location.

the improvements we made to create a superior overhead shelving system:

  • We accomplished this by changing the way the system is mounted to your house.

  • We use 5 to 8 special wall mounted brackets per 4'x8' section (400 lbs. capacity each).

  • We use a welded structural steel frame which allows ceiling mounts to be attached anywhere on the frame.

    • This allows maximum flexibility in where the overhead shelving can be installed in your house.

    • With this change, the overhead shelving system is able to be installed almost anywhere you desire.

Installation Trailer

We have a streamlined installation process. this includes a well organized trailer we bring to the installation site, with parts required for any installation need, including additional organizational accessories that are available.




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I enjoy helping people figure out their storage needs, I will be consistently looking for new products to help with your storage needs.  

We are always looking out for your needs,  so please give us suggestions for products or services that would best help you with your storage and organizational needs.

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