The Ease of Overhead Storage Space

This post will focus on how we organized our overhead storage units--

Click on the image above to see the informational page on Overhead Storage Units.

We don't know what we would do without these overhead storage units.  Here are some of the items we store above our heads in our garage:

  • luggage
  • camping gear
  • holiday decorations-especially Christmas trees
  • rolled up area rugs we are no longer using, but want to keep
  • furniture saved for our children when they need it
  • sports equipment that we rotate seasonally
  • emergency supplies
  • items we only use occasionally such as:
    • bulky tools
    • food dehydrator
    • canning jars
    • swimming pool
    • coolers
    • sleds
    • snowboard and skiing equipment
    • scuba gear

The hook system keeps items that are frequently used out of the way but within reach.  We hang:

  • ladders
  • weed eater
  • golf clubs
  • bikes
  • lumber
  • backpacks for biking and outdoor activities
  • and rotate items to meet our current needs
  • there are many possibilities that will meet your needs

Every category of like-items are stored from back to front so it is simple to see where things are stored.  Whatever we see in the front, we know that category is stored behind it.  We know exactly how to get our hands on whatever we need and that is a perfect way to simplify everyday life.

We love the easy access compared to a storage unit and we love knowing where things are; safe in our garage.  We don't have to leave home to access them or pay a monthly storage fee for an indefinite period of time.

We hope this gives you ideas for how our overhead storage units can work for you and make your life simpler by being able to know where things are and how to access them at the moment you need them.