Do You Love Spooky Dinners!!

One of the creepiest things we love to do for Halloween is have SPOOKY dinners!!  The kid's eyes light up when they see it is spooky dinner time!  They can't wait to see what we are having and how ghoulish each item on the menu is!!  It is frightfully fun!!

We gathered some gruesome recipes so it is not frightful for you to put together a spooky dinner at your haunted house - 

beware of toxic waste mac and cheese!!  Eat this if you dare!!

Halloween food1.png

Find this recipe at Cooking With Curls.  It's ghoulish!!


spaghetti and eyeballs are creepily staring at you!!  Hurry and eat them before they bewitch you with their ghastly stare!!

Halloween food5.png

Kraft has this spooky recipe for you!

both of the above recipes would be perfect with the cheesy bone recipe below!!  Dare we say "yum"?


look what the skeleton left behind when it came around?  Look high and low in the house and see if it's hiding somewhere!! 

To go along with this, hide a skeleton somewhere with bags of surprises and treats for everyone to find.  OHHHHHHH!!  Look if you're brave enough!!

Halloween food4.png

A simple recipe from Kraft.


hurry and drink your blood soup before the vampires come around! They may think you are inviting them to dine with you cause blood soup in their favorite!!  

make these cheesy sandwiches with any spooky cookie cutter!!  Maybe a bat would go with the blood soup to keep the vampires away cause you're eating them before they can turn into vampires!

Halloween food3.png

These recipes can be found at Food Network.


dragon's blood punch is definitely the drink of choice!  Who knows what magic will enter your home from this creature of a fantasy world!!

Halloween food2.png

If you dare to drink dragon's blood you can find this recipe at Food Network.  Thanks!  (We think!)

Have the spookiest time together as a family during your ghoulish feast!!  

want some free halloween printables?  The dating diva's have put together a whole frightful collection for you!!  

Halloween food6.png

  Thank you Dating Diva's!!  Go here for find them!

We wish creepy spookiness for your Halloween!!