How To Keep Christmas Decor Simple!DIY's Included!

Loving Simple Christmas Decor!!  How About You?

As we have gone through all our Christmas decorations from years past, we have cleared out half of them!!  It has been the best feeling!  We feel like we have the most simple decorations up this year but they are striking and beautiful!!  We are enjoying a great feeling of peace!!

And the best part is - we have condensed what we need to store down to 3 boxes!!

We have found some inspirational photos for you!  They show how Christmas decor can be striking but not fussy at all!  We are loving it!! 

We hope you enjoy this inspiration - 


the above 2 photos are from  My Cosy Retreat

the above 2 photos are from My Cosy Retreat

The 3 photos above are from  Style and Minimalism  

The 3 photos above are from Style and Minimalism 

Do you agree with us that simple can be beautiful and make a bold statement?  We hope this has made you realize that simple can be the best way of all to go!!

As you can see most of these ideas above do not need instructions because they are so simple to figure out and make!  Don't you love that?  You can look at a photo and make it.  No fussy instructions needed!

But we have found DIY's for some ideas you may love - 

1- A simple pom pom wreath - doesn't this prove simple can be striking?


This is from Dear Lillie Studio and the instructions can be found here.

2- salt dough ornaments -

Do you want simple and striking Christmas decor that can also be a fun project for the kids?


Can't you see these hanging on your tree making a striking statement in their simplicity?

This inspired idea is from UKKONOOA and the instructions are here.

3- a unique wreath


This is from DIY Crafts Club.  The instructions are here.

we hope this brings you the feeling that christmas is -

happy week!!!