Simplify A Crazy Cooking Day By Switching To A Slow Cooker Stuffing Recipe!

I just found this recipe and I am rethinking my stuffing for tomorrow!!  Making it in a slow cooker is right up my alley!  And this recipe looks good!!

So I thought I'd share it with you even though it is the day before Thanksgiving because it uses all the ingredients I already have for the stuffing I was going to make!  The only thing I will have to change is using dry spices instead of fresh ones, but there is a rule of thumb for that -  1 Tablespoon of fresh spices can be substituted with 1 teaspoon dry spices!  That's easy!


Here's a list of the ingredients.  If this looks good to you, the recipe and instructions can be found at A Spicy Perspective.  We want to thank Sommer for sharing this recipe with us!

On occasion I have had stuffing made in a slow cooker get a little too crusty along the sides of the crock pot.  My solution has been to line the crock pot with heavy-duty foil or stir it away from the edges once or twice.  


happy Thanksgiving!!

We wish you a stress-free and joyous day!!