Free Printable Christmas Planners For You!

Are you a planner person?  

Does being organized bring peace into your life?

Do you need to-do lists to hold yourself accountable and make sure things get done?

we have rounded-up some free printable Christmas planners for you!  we are not overwhelming you with too many to look at and choose from.  We have 4 practical and print-friendly planners.

The links for all of them are at the end of the post so they are all gathered in one spot in the order they appear.


This first Christmas planner is from Scattered Squirrel.  We like this planner because you can click on the pages you want and it takes you directly to a printable pdf.  You don't have to print pages you don't want to use - just the ones that will help make your Christmas special for you!  It also doesn't use a lot of ink on Christmas designs.

christmas planner1.png


This second planner is from The Cottage Market.  The infographic below shows exactly what it is.  The cool thing about this planner is you also just click on the pages you want.  You don't have to print the whole planner. It can be used year after year because you fill in the dates on the calendars. It is also fun and makes you smile.

Christmas planner2.png


The planner below is from Kasey Trenum.  This is a planner with purpose, so you can have a "peaceful, purposeful Christmas".  She asks you to think about your Christmas vision, while also including practical pages for lists, addresses, etc.  It has Christmas color and design, but will not use a great amount of ink

christmas planner3.png


The fourth planner we are sharing with you is from Becoming Martha.  You can see the pages included in the infographic below.  It is not complicated, and is colorful and fun!


christmas planner4.png

we hope these planners make this possible for you!!

The links:

1- Scattered Squirrel - just print the pages you want.  Find it here. Thank you Alli!!

2- The Cottage Market - print the pages you want/colorful animal design.  The infographic shows what is included.  Find it here. Thank you  Andrea!

3- Kasey Trenum - plan how to have a "peaceful, purposeful Christmas".  The infographic shows exactly what's included.  Thanks Kasey!  Find it here.

4- Becoming Martha - a colorful and fun planner.  The infographic shows exactly what is included. Find it here.  Thanks Sarah!  She also provides a link to another planner that is traditional Christmas colors.