A Merry Christmas Home To Love!

This is a perfect home to show how to simply decorate for Christmas and still be ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!  It starts before you even walk in the door!  There are no over-the-top decorations everywhere.  There is the beauty of bringing the outside inside with greenery, playing with traditional Christmas colors (like in the bedroom), and having specific decorated areas for impact.  We think you will love it!  We will let the photos speak for themselves!!

We also found a beautiful "merry and bright" FREE printable you will love!!

christmas home1.png
christmas home2.png
christmas home5.png
christmas home6.png
christmas home7.png
christmas home8.png
christmas home9.png
christmas home3.png
christmas home4.png
christmas home10.png
christmas home11.png
christmas home12.png

Do you love the stunning simplicity of it?

Do you love the use of greenery to bring in the feeling of Christmas?

Do you love the use of Christmas colors with items you can use year-round?

Can you believe how a tree placed in a basket can change an everyday room into a Christmas room?

What about those wreaths in the windows all along the length of the hallway?  STUNNING!!

We hope this home feels like a Merry Christmas home to you as much as it does to us!!


All this Christmas inspiration is from Studio McGee. We love Studio McGee!   See all the beautiful photos here.

we found a beautiful free printable that we feel is stunning also!

It is from Sparkles and Sunshine.  We are grateful to Christie for sharing this with us and making it easy to print from her download bar at the end of the post!  

christmas home13.png

Go here to find this free printable above.  

We hope we can help you have a Christmas of . . .

as we share Christmas inspiration with you!!