It’s Your Life! Get Excited!

What do you think of a mission statement? Organizations have them. Companies have them. How about having your own personal mission statement to guide the direction of your life?

It’s exciting to think about that for this new year! How is it possible it’s 2019? It makes one reflect and realize how important it is NOT to let 2020 (a new decade) arrive without 2019 being stocked full of all YOUR core values!

That is the path that leads to happiness because when you base your thoughts on what you believe matters, it creates feelings that help you move forward in the direction you value and that brings about the actions that make it possible.

1- below is the link to an article on writing your personal mission statement.

It is divided into 4 steps in a systematic method of creating a personal mission statement. See what you think of the process and if it works for you -


This is from elearners.  Go here for the entire infographic.

2- life purpose worksheet

Questions can facilitate your brain to dig a little deeper! These are worthwhile questions in different areas of your life to help you zero in on your core beliefs and connect you to what matters most to you! But don’t let the “life purpose” feel heavy to you cause it sure can. Think of it as connecting with your personal joyful journey. It is interesting to realize that joy can be an end-product of pain.

The “to you” is very important. We live in an information soaked world and sometimes expectations are not really your own. Make sure that you feel peace in knowing what matters to you even when it goes against what others expect. Happiness is elusive without that!!


This is from thiscache and can be found here. It is a great free printable and we want to say thank you!!


3- life lessons - what would they be for you?

The list below is to start your thoughts flowing so you can write down your own list of life lessons. That would be a valuable exercise. It will help with the important realization of what matters most to you!

What legacy do you want to be known for and pass down? Doesn’t it seem like it would create a feeling of knowing and joy to understand your life lessons in a world shouting for you to adopt the view and value of others - even the negative energy of others? No thanks!!

4- this goal sheet hits the spot -

We have goals for every level of our lives. It is important we know where we are heading and why! That changes the very structure of our thinking and lives. Have fun with this one!

Sometimes “goals” can be a paralyzing word. How many times have each of us set goals only to abandon them too quickly? None of us needs a knock to our feelings of worth because we are all of immeasurable worth!

Maybe it’s time for us to think of goals in new terms like -

  • a new beginning

  • a new adventure

  • a place to jump off from and adjust as you go along


This is from I'm An Adult So Now What.  Just click on the image in her blog post and it goes to a pdf.  Don't you love how simple and direct it is?  This will help with a life mission statement!  You can find it here.

Could it possibly as simple as this quote below? It’s a very powerful way to live and it seems it encompasses any and all things that really matter!

We hope this helps you feel the joy of your journey!

It is joyful to ponder what matters most to you!

It is significant to understand and be rooted in the legacy you want to be known for!

It is good to be grounded in what matter most to you!

And LOVE does feel like the most powerful way of all of live!

See what feels right to you and go for it in 2019! No rat race - no hamster wheel in a cage - no giving in to pressure that goes against your core values that are founded on true principles you have sought to understand!

Let’s start 2019 out knowing what matters most to us and be kind to ourselves as we strive to pick ourselves up every time we wish we did better. That’s where our greatest lessons are anyway - our honest mistakes - as we strive for the good and beautiful!! When we are pushing forward in unknown, noble territory, we are going to make mistakes. They are our priceless lessons!