Gathering For Holidays!

Gathering for holidays is upon us!  There is something special in those gatherings!  We are bringing this up so it isn't breezed by or overlooked because of all the hustling and bustling!!  We all know that feeling! 

But when we take a moment -slow things down- and think about the significance of those gatherings, we can feel the depth of it in our hearts!!  

Like this quote below-we find the beauty in what we are experiencing - - together!!

Along with that realization, we hope the photos and free printables below will help you find some fun decorating ideas for your table  - 



a free printable to add meaning to your table decor -


do you want a free printable for these leaves with thanksgiving words and a few blank ones to fill in yourself (could be names for PLACE SETTINGS)? 

Kristen from Ella Claire is kind of enough to share that free printable with us.  Go here to see her post.  

another free printable that adds a thoughtful touch to your table decor - "I am thankful for" --


This free printable is from Bless'er House and you can find it here.

simplicity - 

gather from your yard to make your table simple and elegant - 

The above 3 photos are from  Musings on Momentum

The above 3 photos are from Musings on Momentum

The power of simplicity is in knowing the great gift you are experiencing in your gatherings!

It is cherishing time together!

It is knowing a gift when you see it!

Don't let the hustle and bustle get in the way!

Just enjoy!

We hope these thoughts and ideas helped you realize it doesn't have to be fussy or complicated  Your decorations can come from your own backyard, mixed in with a few candles, pumpkins, nuts, pinecones, or fruit you have around!

Let the power of simplicity work for you and remember -

"We were together.

I forgot the rest."