Pumpkin Pie Twists!! YUM!! EASY!!

This recipe looks too delicious and too easy not to share with you!!  The name says all you need to know - Pumpkin Pie Twists!!  When I spotted it I knew it was a winner for those very reasons - delicious and easy!!  And btw - I spotted free Thanksgiving printables you'll love, included here also!

Simple Ingredients are:

  • can pumpkin
  • can of crescent rolls
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • cream cheese frosting

You gotta love that!!

I gave this recipe an try over the weekend and we loved these Pumpkin Pie Twists!!  We baked ours for 8 minutes cause they looked like they were done in our oven.  We wish we would have baked them a little longer for a crisper taste.  The Cream Cheese frosting is so easy to make and delicious and creamy!  I didn't put the frosting in a sandwich bag to pipe it on.  I just put it on lightly with a knife and it was the perfect amount of frosting for us.  

So this is a short post to share this one recipe (and 2 fantastic free Thanksgiving printables) that also look too good to pass !

I hope you enjoy it and it simplifies your holiday celebration!

It could even be an easy treat for breakfast!

recipe pumptwist1.png

This recipe is from Jenn at Deliciously Sprinkled.  Go here for her recipe.

who can say no to fabulous free printables?

1.  I love simple and elegant prints and this one fits that bill!!  Boy!!  I'm hitting the jackpot I think!  Ha!  This is by Kelly Rowe from Live Laugh Rowe and shared through ForRent.  

recipe pumptwist2.png

Go here to get an 8x10 printable!!  Thanks Kelly!!  The link goes straight to an easy to print pdf!!  I love that!!

2. Couldn't resist sharing another banner with you because it is so classy!!

recipe pumptwist4.png

A big thank you to smitten on paper for the easy pdf directly from their site!!

we wish you a season of gratitude and joy!!