The Simplest Thanksgiving Pumpkin Garland To Make - along with free printables and a DIY napkin ring!!

Do you love simplicity in your holiday decorations?  I am sure leaning that way.  

I want my decorations to be striking in appearance and have a pop factor!

I decorate a couple key areas of our home with that pop factor instead of having a lot of small things spread around the house.

Yet, I want them to be very, very easy to store!!

This Thanksgiving Pumpkin Garland fits that to a tee!  I think you'll love it.

here it is. . .


All you need is a big, fluffy yarn!!!  I love her choice of a soft-white or off-white color.  It is striking and not what you would expect.  


You wrap it around your hand 4 times with the 2 ends at the tops so you can tie them in. . .

with twine!!


Then you tie that twine at the top of the pumpkin about 10 times for the stem and you are ready to attach the pumpkins to whatever length of twine you decide you want your garland to be.

Isn't that simple and beautiful and striking??  There's a video to show you exactly how to do it.

I'm running to the store to get that yarn and make one for our fireplace mantel!!

The version of this idea is from Celeste Whitney.  She was on a TV show called Studio 5 to share this pumpkin garland, along with several other ideas and free printables for Thanksgiving.  Doesn't that sound fun?

The link to all this is at the end of the post!

printables like these below, which show a partial portion of the entire 8-1/2 x 11-inch page.  They focus on the joy of giving at this season of thanks-giving!!  Get it? love the idea to focus on that!!

There are 5 free printables altogether.  You just click on the link provided at the Studio 5 website I will link you to below to download a pdf.  It couldn't be simpler!!

#1 - simple gift tags


#2 - glue on a box to give a sweet gift or use as a tag


#3 - another option to put with a gift


She also tells you how to make these . . .


out of this!!  


Couldn't be simpler!!  I love creative people!!  And I am so grateful they share so willingly!!  Don't you??  Go to the link at Studio 5 to get all these great and simple ideas, diy's, and free printables!!  It is an 8-minute video you will really enjoy watching and getting inspired by!!  You will find it here.

we wish this for you always!!

Happy Day!!