Games For Thanksgiving!!

Would you like some activities to do while that turkey is cooking?  We searched around and found some games that are free to print and fun to play!!

1. Is there anyone who doesn't love searching for something and winning a prize?  Thanks to The Dating Diva's you can help your guests have lots of fun searching for turkeys or feathers!  They also include a free printable for a treat box that can be the prize!!

Thanksgiving games1.png

2. They also include a free printable for a treat box that can be the prize!!

Thanksgiving games2.png

Go to this post at The Dating Divas to get it all!  Thank you Dating Divas!!

3. Have you ever played "roll a turkey"?  It would sure be fun to see how everyone's turkey turns out at the end!!

Thanksgiving games3.png

  They provide a color or black and white version of the game. 

4. An activity for making homemade butter is also on the post!!  Shake and shake a small jar of heavy whipping cream with a marble inside.  Instructions included along with that cute label!

Thanksgiving games4.png

This Roll a Turkey free printable and butter making activity are provided by Lemon Squeezy Home

do you prefer the version below of roll a turkey?

Thanksgiving game9.png

Another version of this game is from Inspiration Made Simple.  Instead of drawing your turkey, a printable pdf is provided with all the pieces to make the turkey.  A playing card and the pieces to cut-out to build the turkey are provided here.

5. do we ever tire of bingo?  you'll love this thanksgiving version!     the free printable is provided directly from crazy little projects!

thanksgiving games5.png

Go to Crazy Little Projects to get this free printable, then let the fun begin!!

6. What could be simpler than the ring toss game with pumpkins?  

7. do you want something as simple as a word search?


Thanksgiving games8.png

oh so she says provides this great free printable.  Go here to get it. 

8. Stuff the turkey!!  who wouldn't love this version of bean bag toss?

As you can see it is just made with grocery bags and you just use wadded up paper balls to stuff that turkey!!

Thanksgiving games6.png

Woman's Day has this game and several others.

we hope this makes your celebrating memorable this year!!

gather with joy!!