Games For Christmas!

One of our most popular posts was "Games for Thanksgiving"!  It was fun to see the response to that and we could tell everyone was wanting holiday fun and bonding!  

Here are some Christmas game ideas to carry that feeling into Christmas with your family and friends!

1- christmas pictionary -


This is from Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids.  All the instructions and free printable clue cards are included here.  Just right click on the image and click on print.

2- Christmas "would you rather" -


This is a fun game because you get to know each other a little better as you are playing it.  It is from the same site as the game above.  You can find instructions and free printable prompts here.  Print the prompts the same way as Pictionary above.

3- what would a collection of games be like without bingo?-

We found 2 versions for you.  This first one is a little quicker to play!


There are many printable Bingo cards, but the thing that determined which ones were picked was that they have a link to the free printable pdf from their site.  We are always grateful they make it so so simple.  This is a version with less squares and will go faster for little ones.  It is from Grace and Good Eats.  You can find it here. As always, we want to thank Emily Grace for sharing and making it easy and quick for us to access!

version 2 of bingo has more spaces to cover -


You can find this free printable from Crazy Little Projects.  We want to thank Amber for making it and sharing.  You can find it here.

4- have you ever heard of saran wrap ball?  looks like a blast!!  we found another version that uses shrink wrap you find at moving supply stores and uses candy as the prize to unwrap.  see what you think - 


As you unroll the ball, prizes fall out that you get to keep!  All the instructions and even links to prizes to roll into the Saran Wrap Ball are at Must Have Mom.  She gives tips and advise for playing the game.  You'll want to check it all out here.

version 2 with some great ideas and suggestions -


Here is another version of this game with some great suggestions.  You use the roll of shrink wrap you can get at moving supply stores instead of a lot of rolls of Saran Wrap.  It is stronger and better for the game. You wrap candy in it for the prizes.  Put a bell in the center so it jingles while they unwrap it. They suggest you tape the wrap with packing tape every few layers so it is more challenging to unwrap the ball.  LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!! You can find these ideas and suggestions at Seminary at Six AM!  Have fun!! 

5- build a manger as you roll dice -


This free printable with game instructions is from The Activity Mom.  You can find it here.

6- a timed game as you write down all the things related to christmas.  easy to put together and fun to play -


This free printable (There are many others on the site) is from My Party Games.  You click on the image on their site.  It brings up the printable and you just click print on your computer.  You can fink this here.  Search the site for a great selection of Christmas games.

7- how many candy canes can you get in a bucket - no hands allowed? -


This is from Ministry-to-Children.  They have a short video to get you into the spirit of it.  You can find this here.

8- christmas charades always brings hearts together -


This Christmas Charades is from Moms and Munchkins.  We want to thank Cheryl for providing it for us.  She offers two different versions to print.  You can find them here.

9- a fun twist on a white elephant exchange -


You have to do what the dice says to see what gift you end up with.  This is from Mama Cheaps.  We are grateful to Devon for sharing this!  For easy access to this free printable and the instructions go here.

10- how many marshmallows can you pick up with chopsticks? -

have some delicious hot chocolate afterwards!!


This is pretty self-explanatory.  No instructions needed.  Just set a timer and go.  We found this game at My Honeys Place.

We hope this helps you out with your Christmas fun!  

 have the merriest christmas!!