Catch The Christmas Spirit!

We don't know about you, but with all the rushing around and time zooming by from week-to-week, we just want to soak up anything Christmas!  We want to see homes decorated for Christmas.  We want Christmas ideas.  We want to enjoy the feeling Christmas brings.  We want a moment here and there to stop and pause and enjoy the beauty of the season and reflect on what it means.

When we saw this home, we were excited to show it to you!  It reminds us of the magic of focusing on the simplicity of the true meaning of Christmas!  It reminds us to just let the peace sink in!  So we are sharing it with you and hope it brings those same feelings into your heart!  We are grateful it is our choice what feelings we bring into our hearts!  We love taking a deep breath and choosing peace!  We hope you enjoy this . . .

We love the peaceful color palette, and the way they achieved a subtle yet striking Christmas statement -


Christmas decorations aren't everywhere, but they can't be missed -


Do you love how this garland is simple yet can't be overlooked? 


What a unique and beautiful way to bring the touch of Christmas into the kitchen and it's treats to eat!! -


This room has a simple wreath and trees on the table.  That's it, but it welcomes Christmas into the room -


Do you love these felt trees as much as we do?  They make such a statement when put in a group!  If you love them too, we found a tutorial on how to make felt trees that are very easy to make at the end of this post -


Again- a simple wreath and a group of trees -


Everyone is greeted with the same simplicity and boldness on the front porch.  You get an idea of what is waiting for you once you walk into that front door-


Do you love the simple and fresh Christmas decorating style in this home?

It has an open and refreshing Christmas feel that doesn't overwhelm you.  It is just quietly and stunningly there!  

Of course, it is from one of our favorite designers, Studio McGee.  You can find more photos of this home here. They call it their Christmas Styling Guide!

Here are the felt trees you can make.  All it takes is cutting out christmas tree shapes, gluing them one at a time on a stick for the trunk, and gluing the stick to the base!  we can already feel the christmas spirit that comes in making them!  we love the color choices of felt also!


This is from Little House of Four.  They share the instructions here.  Again, we thank those who inspire all our lives! Btw - you can buy the round wood bases at most craft stores. They come in a variety of sizes.

may we never forget - 

merry and joyous christmas to you!!