The Power Of A Journal!

Day 5 - Put power behind your thoughts - write them down!  (Day 4 is here and leads you to Days 1.2.3)

We love to research and study thoughts and ideas in how to create a life that is filled with purpose!  We see the theme of journal keeping over and over again!  

Write down the intentions you want to live with and you give them power!  Your mind works on what you write down and actually helps you find solutions to live the life you want!  That is powerful knowledge!

Below is an infographic that gives you ideas to begin or continue to write in your journal.  We don't know about you but sometimes we need something to get us out of slumps and lists like this can help!  When you go to the link below for this article, you will be able to read the comments for each item!  

Journal prompts1.png

This is from Developing Good Habits.  You can find the entire article here.

There are many reasons to journal and many different purposes of journals.  One of the main reasons for keeping a  personal journal is so life doesn't happen to you - you make your life happen according to the purpose and design you believe your life is for.  This brings a feeling of peace and happiness.  Living for a higher purpose than yourself has a way of doing that!

We have been listening to podcasts and reading books.  One of the revelations that brings a deeper meaning to life is realizing the powerful effect our thoughts have in our lives and that we never have to be a victim of our thoughts!  We have the power to make our thoughts whatever will give us the power to live the life we know is right.  

Another powerful revelation is realizing that success comes from happiness.  It is not the other way around.  How do you define success for yourself?  Do you believe that if you have financial freedom you will find happiness?  What about turning that around and realizing that happiness will bring success?  That's a powerful turnaround because suddenly success is in your hands, just as happiness is.

These are the beginning of realizations that are worth journaling about!  What is the saying -

Unstuck in a fun website that offers resources on moving our lives forward.  They created a worksheet to help you discover your life purpose.  We thought you might enjoy it.  You can find their thoughts on the worksheet here and the pdf for it here (or click the download button at the bottom of their page, which takes you to the worksheet below).

journal prompts5.png

We found a blog that is new to us called Marc & Angel Hack Life.  They were faced with tragedies and turned them into triumph.  We see many do that all the time and it is always good to be reminded it is our choice to do the same.  It isn't easy, but hard is good!!  

In one of their posts they talk about how journaling changed their lives.  They call it Morning Journaling.  In this post, they give 31 prompts for morning journaling and challenge us all to try it for all 31 days - just 10  minutes every morning to get in touch with ourselves and realize we are so much more than our hustling and bustling throughout our day!!  You can find those 31 journaling prompts here.  We just copied and pasted them in Word so we can start this challenge!  In a world that pulls us in a million directions others decide we should go, wouldn't it be the most refreshing and powerful change to be the one to decide the directions that matter?

We hope this post has given you some new ideas for creating a life you love!  There are many resources at our fingertips to discover the power that lies within all of us to build a life of purpose, peace, and happiness.  It's pretty exciting to go exploring!!  We hope this whets your appetite to begin the journey for yourself!