Have It Your Way Glass Ornaments! 4 Incredibly Easy And Quick DIY's!!

Sometimes you want to add your own special style to your Christmas decorations that you can't find anywhere.   We found some ideas that are so simple but make bold statements!  We also found a FREE printable Christmas card that is impossible not to love!!

idea # 1 -

Make your own color scheme with this incredibly easy DIY!!

All you need is:

  • clear glass ball ornaments that you can get at any craft store
  • acrylic paints in the colors of your choice

That's it!  Then:

  • take the metal top off the ornament
  • pour in a generous amount of paint
  • shake it and roll it until you get the coverage you want
  • turn it upside to drain overnight
  • pit the metal top back on and

VOILA!!  You have your own personalized ornament in your own colors for Christmas!!


This fabulous idea is from say yes!  You can find all the instructions here.  Have fun creating your specialized Christmas ornaments!

idea #2 -

Glitter ornaments!!  This uses the same method as the painted ornaments above.  

You need:

  • clear glass ornaments
  • Glitter It
  • glitter

This is from Kim at Today's Creative Life-(this link is her home page).  You can find tutorials (a very short and well-made video) for the paint method and how to make glittered ornaments. The video shows the easiest way to let the ornaments dry overnight - turn them upside down and set them in a paper/plastic cup!  

idea #3 -

Make ordinary glass ornaments vintage !  

All you need is:

  • glass ornaments
  • finger nail polish
  • papertowels

This idea is from Finding Homes Farms.  Go here for all the instructions.

ideas #4 _

It's impossible not to love this marbled look!!  They are super easy to make! 

All you need is:

  • glass ornaments in the color of your choice.  They used white.
  • nail polish (new) in the colors of your choice also
  • a bowl of room temperature water

That's it (again! These are all so simple to make!)!!


This fun idea is from Alice and Lois.  You can find the instructions here.  Just think of all the different colors you could make with this!!


We love finding free printables for you!  This time it is Christmas cards that are simple and fun!  They are easy to print in black and white, and then just add a little greenery!!


These simple and elegant Christmas cards are from the. beauty. dojo..  You can find the FREE printable pdf at her site here.  As with every free printable we link you to nothing is required to receive it!  Aren't we grateful for generous people like that?  Thank you Andrea!!

We are having so much fun helping you so you  - 

We sure hope we're succeeding at making Christmas simple, yet keeping it shining also!!  Let us know if we are by clicking the heart on the like button below!  Thanks!!

happy week!!!