2018 Free Printable Calendars

I have had a 2017 desktop calendar on my desk all year!  It has been extremely helpful as I need a quick glance at the dates!  It is in a 5x7 frame that opens easily to switch out the months (see link at the very end of this post for the frame I have)  and the design each month has made me smile!!  

I keep looking back to the site I got it from, and there isn't a 2018 calendar there yet, so I went searching for another one.  It isn't easy to find a free printable 5x7 desktop calendar but I'll share what I have found with you just in case you are anxious to get started in putting together a 2018 calendar!

The FREE printable calendar below is from Andrea at The Cottage Market.  I am so grateful she created and is sharing this with us.  She has made it easy to print this from her site.  Each page has two months on it and you click on each one that takes you to the easy to print pdf.  A huge thank you to Andrea.

1. a 5x7 desktop beauty for you!


The image below shows you what each printable page looks like -


To get this calendar go here

2. if you prefer an 8x10 desktop size, this one is for you -


This would also be great on a bulletin board.  This is from two sister bloggers in Puerto Rico at Colorful Disaster and although you have to hit the translation button, the calendars are in English and accessible by clicking on the bar at the bottom of the calendars!  We want to thank them also.  You can find the calendar here. This takes you directly to the printable pdf.

3. An 8-1/2 x 11 calendar with the cutest designs for each month -


This is from iMOM and it is very easy to download from the site.  They have a one month download or you can download all 12 months to print at once.  You can find it here.  Thank you to iMOM!!  The designs for each month are perfect and fun!!

4. A beautiful but odd sized calendar -

I was hoping this would print to a 5x7 size for my picture frame on my desk but it prints to about a 5x8 size that is a little too big.  It is such a pretty and happy calendar so I had to share it with you!  A special thank you to Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow.  We want to thank her for sharing this with us!!


You can find this calendar here. There is a download link for each page you want to print.  When you get to the page for that month, you click on the image of the calendar and click print from your computer.  

5. She also offers a minimalist calendar in an 8-1/2 x 11 size -


Go directly to the free printable pdf here.

6. A unique desktop calendar!

For a third calendar, she offers the one below.  It sits on your desk and you only have to turn it to show the month you want!  Very clever!!  


The printable pdf looks like the image below.  


For the entire instructions on how to make this go here. And for the printable pdf go here.  I am giving you the pdf link because sometimes it is hard to figure out what to click on to get the pdf link.  You will want to go to her site to get the instructions on how to put this calendar together!

that's our calendar round-up for now.  I will keep my eyes open for more that do not require anything from you to be able to print them and i'll share them with you here.  

I don't want to be overwhelming and give you 100 choices to choose from all in one post, but check back regularly and I will link you to more calendars, and link every post together so you have access to all I have found!

Again, we want to thank each person for kindly sharing their gifts and talents with us!!

Everyone's lives are blessed when we all -

may your day be merry and bright!!

The frame I use for my desktop calendar in a 5x7 size -

I am including this so you can see how easily it opens. This feature was not shown on the frame I have.

I am including this so you can see how easily it opens. This feature was not shown on the frame I have.

However, I found my frame at TJ Maxx for $6.99!  Much better deal.  I just bought a second one so our TJ is still getting them in.  As you can see, you just slide the pin up and the frame opens from the front!  Very simple!  We don't get any compensation for linking you to Amazon.  We just want to make things as simple for you as possible.