Schools Out? Crafts For The Kids!

Do you like to have constructive things for the kids to do when they are out of school?  Those video games and TV can be too alluring without alternative activities!  We have found some Christmas crafts they can do that add Christmas cheer!

1- Wooden bead starts -

It can be difficult to find crafts for older kids!  This is one they should love!  It is just challenging enough, but not too difficult.  We made some of these as ornaments for our Christmas tree.  If they have a tree in their room, they will love making these ornaments for their tree or your family tree.


The instructions for these beautiful and striking star ornaments are from Nalle's House and can be found here.  Below is a diagram that we found most useful.  We used the diagram below because it begins with making the center circle and adding the star point off of that.  It made it much easier to make.  

Put the 6 beads on for the center, pulling them down the wire to an inch from the end.  Twist the two wires together to make the circle and you are ready to add the star points with the long length of wire left.  This is what we found for wire gauge and lengths -

  • It take 48 beads to make these stars.
  • If you are using 10mm beads, use a 24-gauge wire and about 38 inches to make the star.
  • 12mm beads need a 22-gauge wire and about 44 inches for a star
  • Make sure the wire is not twisted when you pull it through beads 11 to 10 ,or 13 to 7, or 7 to 1.  The wire can get a kink in it if you're not careful to make sure the loop you are pulling through is not twisted.

These are really fun to make and it will give them a sense of accomplishment to make them.

2- string some beads on wire and bend it into a star shape!  

These are easy for older and younger kids.  As you can see this star has 3 beads on each leg of the star.  You can put on the number of your choice as long as each leg of the star has an equal number.  This star is going to require a heavier gauge of wire depending on the size of bead you use.  For a 10 mm bead a 20-gauge wire would be the thinnest to use.  


For this star ornament just string the number of beads, depending on the size of star you want and bend it into a star shape!  Simple!!  The wire needs to strong enough to support the beads.

3- drop wooden bead ornaments -


These couldn't be easier to make, but old and young will love making them!  We made a bunch for our Christmas tree this year and we love them!  You can choose whatever colors you want for your Christmas decor!  So fun!!  We painted ours navy, grey, with natural wood beads, and then did another set of sky blue, dark grey, with natural wood beads.  You can customize the colors for the room!

They are so simple! 

  • Put 2 coats of paint on the beads (We painted them on a toothpick we could hold) and let them dry on a paper plate.
  • Tie several knots into one large knot (so the bead won't fall off) at the end of a piece of twine.
  • Thread on the beads (We found the hole of the larger beads were too big for the knot to hold them on, so we put a smaller bead on first).
  • Tie a loop at the top of the twine.

You'll love them on your tree!! 

You can find other photos of how these are used and the instructions here.  These are also from Nalle's House.

4 - a reminder of the bead garland we shared in this post.  It's another great craft for the kids!! 


We really had a hard time finding enough beads in stores so we ended up buying them on Amazon.  This set doesn't include any of the bigger beads for the drop ornaments (We didn't have any trouble finding those at our stores), but you need a lot for the star ornaments and these sizes are great for that.



These are the ones we bought. They are 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm sizes.


These might be fun for the drop ornaments mixed in with round beads.  You can find these here.

We do not receive any compensation for linking you to Amazon.  We are just trying to save you time and energy!

We promise you and your children will love making these wooden bead crafts!  

Have fun filling in the extra time at home doing these together!

happy day!!