Easy and Quick Christmas Touches!!

You might be interested in some last minute touches of Christmas to add to your home!  We were thinking about that as we are getting ready for our out-of-town family to arrive.  We're looking the house over and seeing what very simple things we can do to our home before their arrival!  

We have 5 ideas for you to consider in case you are having the same feeling!

1- the simple wreath below would take minutes to make and would be beautiful added to a window!!  What is it about wreaths in windows that are so magical?

christmas simplicity1.png

From Emily A Clark - a simple wreath making a bold statement

2- we are loving the bead garland and icicles on this mantel!  It would be easy to whip them up and smile about your creation!  Love it!!

christmas simplicity2.png

This decorating idea and DIY is from Fiskars.  They have a great tutorial here

3- if you don't have PINE CONES in your own yard just walk around the neighborhood and you will probably find some.  Isn't this a great touch to add you your christmas decor?  What is it about pine cones?  You never tired of them!!

christmas simplicity3.png

Here's another take on the pinecone garland idea-

christmas simplicity6.png

It is from Town and Country Living.  You can find it here.

All the instructions for this pine cone garland is found at JoAnn"s.  There are step-by-step directions here.

4- oh my! how easy is it take a cutting of an evergreen from your yard, tie a few cute bows on it and place candy canes in a jar to add that christmas touch?  Treat included, as the candy  canes are for eating!!

christmas simplicity4.png

5- this is the one we're doing - adding a christmas pillow to the bedroom our family will be staying in!  we're pretty excited to add a touch of plaid christmas to the room!  we're just putting a christmas pillow cover over the existing pillows, store it inside those pillows, and use it year after year!

christmas simplicity5.png

The 2 photos above are from Town and Country Living.  No instructions needed!

everyone is feeling the hustle and bustle of christmas!!  it feels like time is in turbo mode!!  But we are excited to slow it down, look around, and enjoy creating the feeling of christmas in our home!  

we hope these ideas give you a little inspiration and makes you feel like stopping, looking around, and creating the christmas feel you love!!

Happy Day!!