Inspiration in the Simple yet Dramatic

I LOVE things that INSPIRE me.  I ran across this post on LA DOLCE VITA by Paloma Contreras of a simple and dramatic kitchen that I want to share with you.  If you click on the image below it will lead you to her blog and the rest of the photos along with the name of the designer who designed this as her own kitchen.

above images from LA DOLCE VITA

above images from LA DOLCE VITA

Here are more kitchens with a similar feel--

This look and feel are carried into an eating area--

. . .into a family room--

. . . into bedrooms--

. . .into a bathroom--

all images from  JUXTAPOSITION HOME

all images from JUXTAPOSITION HOME

This look and feel aren't for everyone, but I want to show how things can be simple and uncluttered and still be dramatic and inviting. We don't need to have a lot of possessions around us to have a warm and welcoming feel to our homes.  Right now, I am clearing out extra things and simplifying.  I love seeing that there is a lot of character in simplicity!  I hope you find this inspiring also.  

In a future post I am going to show different styles of decorating because I believe when we discover our style we get in touch with what makes us feel happy and peaceful inside and that shows in all we do.  When we surround ourselves with beauty and peace where we live, it spreads into every part of our lives.  

Some words of wisdom I love--

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Happy Week!!!