Countertop Organization Part 2

In my research on this topic, I found so many amazing things to share with you that I ended up breaking it up into two posts.  Each post features different designers.  It is inspiring to see their approach to countertop design with function!!  I hope you enjoy seeing some more. . .

Opal Design Group also designed a kitchen with countertop items that are beautiful and functional. In the kitchen above the open shelves have a bowl, pitchers, plates, and glasses that are within immediate reach for daily use and they have an artistic appeal in their placement.  To see rest of the photos for this home go here.


The blog Remodelista has a post on 16 French kitchens.  Each of these kitchens have a simplistic approach to kitchen design and have the things you need on your countertops and within quick reach.  I think you will enjoy seeing this approach to kitchen organization and design in the photos and link below.

Easy access to dishes

Easy access to dishes


WOW!! This is really keeping thing close at hand!!                                                                                 You can see all 16 of these kitchens here.

One last peek to this approach in kitchen organization from one of my favorite design companies, Alice Lane. . .

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Who knew there were so many things to share with you on this topic.  It is simple and inspiring.  I hope you enjoy evaluating your kitchen and how you can make it more beautiful with function at your fingertips!!  Have fun!!  I sure did!!


I love searching the web to find things I hope will be useful to you.  Below I found free printable pantry labels from Flavia at "Neat Home Sweet Home"  She has created them in three colors-black, white, and turquoise.  All you have to do is click on the image of the color you want and it goes straight to a pdf to print  Copy it on full sheet labels, and all you have to do it cut them out!!

You can find these free printable pantry labels  here .

You can find these free printable pantry labels here.

As always, a thought to make you smile. . .

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