Our Professionally Designed Closets Are A Gift We Gave Ourselves That Keeps On Giving!!

One of the BEST things we ever did for ourselves was putting in professionally designed closets!!  

Oh we have had this -


and this - 


but we had no idea the difference professionally designed closets could make!!  

  • We have more room to put things away in the same square footage!  Really!
  • It is organized because of its design!
  • The products are quality and more durable!
  • We could have it customized to fit our needs perfectly!
  • We were pleasantly surprised at the cost comparison to big box store closet products!

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You will love the results!

you will be surprised how much a well-planned closet will simplify your life!!

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Because the truth is - we use our closets more than other places in our homes!!


Are you interested in FREE PRINTABLE labels with a DIY on how to attach them? 

I don't know about you but I LOVE labels!!  They simplify life a lot!!

A huge thanks to Diane from  In My Own Style  for this free printable and DIY!!  For the plain labels pdf go  here  .   

A huge thanks to Diane from In My Own Style for this free printable and DIY!!  For the plain labels pdf go here.  

I found a great tip from HGTV on not only organizing your bedroom closets, but a great philosophy on how to buy clothes.  I think you'll love this!!

Store by Cluster

A clothing "cluster" is a core group of five to eight clothing pieces that work together. A typical cluster might contain a plaid wool blazer with tones of camel, red and navy, a coordinating navy skirt, navy dress slacks, dark blue jeans, a red T-shirt and an ivory blouse. Dress it up and you have a suit look with blazer, skirt and blouse. Dress it down with the T-shirt and jeans, and toss the blazer over your shoulders for a casual outfit. Layer the blouse over the T-shirt and add the slacks for a committee meeting — you've mastered the art of the cluster!

Look at your culled closet with an eye to forming several clusters from your existing clothes. The main organizing principle is color, not season or style. Group similar-colored garments together, and think, "What could I add to this group to form a cluster?" A stay-at-home mom might cluster her pale denim jeans and white T-shirts with a pieced jean jacket, a coordinating vest and a long red tunic dress/sweater.

Thinking "cluster" simplifies the process of buying clothes. No longer will you buy in terms of "outfit" — that's how you get in the position of having a closet stuffed with clothes and nothing to wear. Adding another piece to a cluster means you can wear the garment several different ways, using the clothing already in the closet.

For the full article go here.  

we hope we can help you with your vision!

organize now and play all summer!!

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Isn't it exciting to know our vision can elevate our living!!