An Inspiring Home To Help You Make Home Maintenance Easy!!

It is so much easier to maintain our homes on a regular basis!!  I don't know about you but I DO NOT LOVE having to spend a lot of time on something I have neglected when I could have avoided it by keeping things up continually!!  When we develop that habit, we avoid having to devote an entire Saturday or an entire week of evenings or our priceless vacation time on maintenance!!

Do you want to see an incredible home that shows the results of regular maintenance?  I thought a little inspiration could go a long way and it's always fun to see a well-designed and decorated home!!

Hope you enjoy!!

All photos are from  homebunch . You can see a lot more photos of this beautiful coastal home there!!

All photos are from homebunch. You can see a lot more photos of this beautiful coastal home there!!

I have such a peaceful feeling when I see a well-maintained and beautifully kept up home!  I may not have a home this grand and perfectly designed, but I can copy a lot of details I love and recreate them in my home.  I can definitely be inspired to clean-up and fix-up my home to be a place that inspires me and my family!  It's a lot of fun to be motivated by this home!!   I hope this home is a source of inspiration for you and helps you "Simplify and Shine" when it comes to your home!!

From  quotesgram

Are you interested in a monthly guide that can help you with regular maintenance and avoid huge catch-up projects because of avoiding needed regular maintenance?

Hopefully this schedule helps you with the maintenance of your home.  I know it has helped me realize things I need to stay on top of!!

happy week!!