Solve Your Pantry Problems!!

We use to have a pantry like this -

via  ubmicc

via ubmicc

You know, the kind that comes standard in a lot of homes.  It's basically a closet with shelves in it.  With our home renovation, we upgraded to something like this - 

As you can see we didn't have enough room for a huge walk-in pantry, but wow, this pantry made a big difference in our daily lives cooking in our kitchen!!  It is one of the best things we have done in our home.  

Whether you have a little room to steal space from for a pantry, or a lot, let us help you figure out how to make life easier and have everyday items right where you need them.  We use to have to go down to our basement where we had shelves under our stairs to get what we needed for cooking. We are sure happy we don't have to go downstairs for daily cooking supplies anymore!!

Look what can be done with minimal space available!  It is our job to get maximum storage space out of minimum square footage available!!

We can do any size pantry and customize it to fit your plans.  In this post we want to show you how efficiently small spaces can be put to use!!

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We know what it is like to live with the before and feel grateful for the after!!

Here are some of our favorite pantry storage tips - 

1. We have tried several different methods for storing our canned food in our pantry and this turns out to be our favorite.  We leave the cans in the cut-down boxes we bought them in. With this method:

  •  they stack on top of each other nicely
  • there are no wobbly cans that you know are going to fall over
  • cans with the same "best by" dates are together
  • when you need to rotate as you buy new cans, it is easy to move each box of cans instead of individual cans 
via  Amazon

via Amazon

2. This is our favorite way to store treats and snacks like granola bars, bags of crackers and chips, fruit snacks, etc.  They are easy to reach and the drawer is big enough to hold a good supply.  We have them lined up right next to each other to offer a fun variety!

Available at  Target

Available at Target

3.  This has got to be one of my favorite bins.  It doesn't have a lid which is a plus in my book when you want easy access to what's inside.  We use these throughout our entire house, but in the pantry they hold pasta, tupperware, large bags of chips, disposable plates, cups, and silverware, treats to replenish our treat bowl, odd bottles of condiments, sauces, etc.  As you can see, they are versatile. You fill them up, put them on the shelves and your pantry looks neat and orderly!  Love it!!

Available at Amazon

4.  We use this in our pantry for boxes of drink mixes to flavor water, hot chocolate, etc in one bin.  Another has pudding, cake and brownie mixes.  Other bins are filled with dog treats or boxes of flavored rice and other dinner mixes.  I like them because the sides are tall and straight (not angled) and I can easily see what is in each bin.  

Available at  Amazon

Available at Amazon

5.  We use the top shelf of our pantry for tubs with lids so they can stack on top of each other that store light bulbs, first aid supplies, extra toiletries like toothpaste, soap, cotton balls, etc.   We also leave room up there for appliances and cooking pans (like the turkey roasting pan) we don't use as often.  It works out perfectly!

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Interested in some pantry cartoons?

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Some smiles courtesy of Charlie Brown and Snoopy!!