A Simple Start For Decluttering

I am a big believer in keeping life simple by decluttering each and every day!  A few of the things I do are -

  • Don't let papers pile up!  Instead of putting something in a pile you have to deal with later, JUST DO IT RIGHT THEN.  You have to set that piece of paper or mail down somewhere, why not put in the place that you will not have to think about it again?
  • Keep countertops, desks, dresser tops - basically any horizontal surface - cleared off.  Just tell yourself it is against all your rules to let things accumulate on those surfaces!!  A mess like that is just not fun to look at or deal with later on and it makes your entire room look messy! YUCK!!
  • Don't buy things just to buy them. Have a purpose in what you buy!!  
  • Have it be a cardinal rule that you will not put things on the floor that shouldn't be there and leave it there!!  Don't put it on the floor in the first place and if you walk by something that shouldn't be there, pick it up and put it where it belongs right then!

I happened upon a list of things to just plain get rid of.  It's a simple list; a doable list!!  I thought I would share it with you because sometimes we need a little kick in the rear and some inspiration from others to get going!!  

The blog "WRITTEN REALITY" put together a list of 20 things to throw out to begin the decluttering process.  Maybe it will inspire you to begin the process because it is a pretty simple list. Check it out below and see what you think!

This gives you an idea of what is on the list  . . .

If this peaks your interest and you think you want to begin, go here for how to tackle this project.

If you feel inspired to keep going, I found a free printable checklist that will really hold you accountable in your decluttering.  

It is from Little House on the Corner.  You can find the blog post here with instructions on how to put it together like the photo above and the free printable pdf here.  We want to thank  Christine and Jan for creating this and sharing so generously!! What would we do if others weren't willing to share their talents to bless our lives?  Kinda teaches us to do the same!!

It is definitely true . . .

via  pinterest

Enjoy your decluttering adventure!!  You will be glad you did it!!

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As always, thanks for visiting our blog.  We hope we are helping you "Simplify and Shine" in your life!!