One Important Lesson- Know How To Work Hard!!

Have you thought about the most important lessons you want to teach your children and be an example of to those around you?  You know, those important life lessons that you know in your gut makes a huge difference in how to see and live life!  

Do we let too many days go by that we don't think about what those lessons are?  We live to get through things instead of learning and being deepened by them?  

  • What do you hope to pass on?

  • What character traits do you believe are indispensable?

  • What are your core beliefs?

  • What do you know can make all the difference?

  • What makes it so you can contribute to society?

May i be so bold as to suggest that one of those should be the value of knowing how to work hard!!  

  • Harder than you knew you could!

  • Experiencing a change in yourself because you did!

  • Feeling the joy of knowing you will never be the same!

do you love the feeling of pushing yourself and working hard,

because the choice to live that way is deliberate?

it is not an accident!!

That hard work brings productivity in ways you could never imagine and a feeling of satisfaction you didn't know existed!!

It falls into many areas of your life!!

I found a chart showing many of those different areas from big to small where your life can be impacted by productivity and a determination to be a hard worker.  

Isn't that how the world is changed around us - one person at a time?

You can choose to be one of those people!  You know, the kind who changes the world for good!!

See what you can gain from the chart below.  I love having things that make me evaluate and FIND ways to change for the better from day-to-day!!  It makes life a great adventure!!  Challenge is difficult, but great in the end!!

Go here for the checklist and the article at Productive and Free.  We want to thank them for sharing!  

From  lifehack

Have you heard of the idea of having family motto's or a family mission statement?

I bet you have.  It has been around for a long time!!

I remember hearing about a family who always said:  "The (name of their family) are hard workers! We are not afraid of hard work!!"

WOW!!  That's something I would want my family to always remember saying and living!!

What about you?  

What do you want your family to grow-up saying and living?

I love finding things that get me going!!

They get me thinking and hopefully, get me changing!!

Isn't that what life is about?

See what you think of the "Purpose Practice Sheet" below!

I bet you will enjoy the way it helps you evaluate before another day passes by!!

You can make a copy of it to work from and have time to read, reflect, ponder, and decide.

Are there many more important decisions than to know what our deepest values are?

And what we hope to pass on?


For the pdf of the entire page from Unstuck (Thank you!!)  go here.


I hope this is an adventure you love and are grateful for!

Life passes quickly!!  It seems it is quicker and quicker every day!  (Seriously?)

make is meaningful!!

From  pinterest

will hard work be one of the values you want to pass along to your family?

is hard work one of the things you want to be known for?

i hope you will consider this journey of deciding and knowing what is worth passing on as one of the greatest delights in your life?

Again, thanks for taking time to read our blog!

We hope our business can help you get the life of order that makes many things possible!!

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