Backyard Inspirations!!

I am feeling INSPIRED!!  The weather is getting warmer!!  The snowcapped mountains are surrounded by beautiful bright blue sky!!  Everything is getting greener and greener and flowers are all around!!  I want to make my yard a place of inspiration, where I just can't help but smile every time I look out my windows!!

Today I went to a school Dance Festival for some of my grandchildren (Oh, the JOY of grandchildren!!  They did a fabulous job and had a ton of fun!!).  It was so much fun standing in a huge field surrounded by the mountains and blue sky!! On our way to the field, we had to walk through a neighborhood because we had to park far away from the school.  We walked by the most beautiful yard that was perfectly landscaped and already planted with flowers (I haven't gotten to that point yet.  But I do have the pots on our deck planted with flowers!!  Yea!!)  It INSPIRED ME and made me smile!!  I felt gratitude that their efforts in their yard brought JOY INTO MY HEART and they don't even know me!!  It made me want to get right home and get right to work so my yard can bring smiles to others also -  even those I don't know!!

How about you?  Are you ready for some inspiration for your yard?

I found some inspiration on the web that really got my juices flowing!!  I hope you feel the same way!!

Oh my!!  I would love to gather with family and friends in a spot like this all the time!!

OK!!  This is a really cool spot!!  Can you see yourself with a book laying here?  Our grandchildren would call this heaven!!

A fun pool doesn't have to be large!!  I love this!!  It is calling me to come and enjoy myself!!  

Love the lights; the different levels; the shrubs and plants; and feeling like I have my own little oasis in my own backyard!!  LOVE IT!!

This has got to be one of the coolest hammocks I have ever seen!!  It speaks imagination and relaxation like crazy!!  I think I can see myself loving life here!!  How about you?

I just can't help it!!  I love an area for gathering!!  This space isn't big, but it is put together perfectly!!  I would definitely smile looking out my windows at this and try to think of how to get family and friends over to hang out with me!!

They have set the coolest mood with this setting!!  Who doesn't love a swing and this is a swing where cuddling can happen and it calls for laying down and reading a favorite summer novel that you just can't put down!!  Who doesn't love porches that beckon you to sit there?

Another perfect spot for summer meals!!

An upscale hammock of absolute comfort!!  Time for a snooze!!

All the above inspirational photos are from Lonny.  Go here to see these and more!

I found a few more ideas from another source that I think you will find inspiring - 

Create a perfect spot in your yard for conversation and laughter!!

What a doable project!  I want a fire pit before all our family from out-of-town arrives!!  Just think of the smiles that would happen around it!! 

We have a side yard that needs some TLC.  Wouldn't it be fun to create a retreat like this?

I would love to create a little magic in our backyard too!!  This fits that bill!!

What a perfect set-up for two gathering areas and it's so simple!!    I love this!!

These ideas are from yard surfer.  Go here to see these and others.

As you can see I love creating places where family and friends can't wait to gather!!  I love creating a resort-style feeling at home!!  It is where we spend most of our time and I love to create a place where others can't wait to come and feel refreshed!!  

I am very excited to recreate the feeling of these places in our yard!!  I hope this inspired you also to create a place that can be -

From  Quotesfest

Get ready for a summer of memories being built with family and friends!!  Hope this brings smiles!!