The Peace of Mind in Being Prepared!! Easy Steps!!

I have always felt that if there was an emergency I would want to be one who could help instead of one who felt helpless.  That is why I want to share some important information with you on this post!!  

This is a double duty post that provides a list of essential emergency supplies provided by the American Red Cross and a first aid booklet you can print for essential emergency first aid.

The chart below provides essential items to acquire before an emergency happens.  You will feel peace-of-mind knowing you are prepared ahead of time and have these emergency supplies on hand.

I found this list on pinterest.  Although I expected to be led to a copy of this when I clicked on it that isn't what happened.  You can copy and paste from the image above.  Just right click on it then left click to copy image, open Windows and left click to paste it.  Now you can take it with you when you shop for these emergency supplies.  You can also put this list with your supplies so you can see what's in your emergency supplies when you need them, saving precious time.

I was a little surprised when I clicked on it and it led me to a first aid booklet, showing how to evaluate an injured person or whether or not someone has had a stroke, or how to treat choking, burns, apply CPR, stop bleeding, treat a head injury, among other things.  It is a short booklet that will put essential information at your fingertips quickly.  It will see you through feelings of panic and just wanting to know where to begin.

This is what the cover looks like and you can find the pdf here from The American Red Cross.  

The two quotes below sum up a philosophy to live by. We can choose to be prepared for emergencies we hope never happens but we are prepared if they do.

From  wellbeck

I hope these are helpful for you!!  Print both these helps for emergency preparedness.  Use the Emergency Supplies list as a shopping list.  Buy a few things each time you go shopping.  Put the first aid booklet where you can easily find it if you need it and it will help you act instead of feel helpless.

Know the peace-of-mind of preparedness!!