Priorities - Priorities!!

Doesn't it seem like lots of people are trying to adopt a minimalist lifestyle?  It seems like they have it figured out that more is not better!  Exile Lifestyle explains the philosophy as:

"What Minimalism is really all about is reassessment of your priorities so that you can strip away the excess stuff — the possessions and ideas and relationships and activities — that don’t bring value to your life."

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The Minimalist say:

Minimalism has helped us…

  • Eliminate our discontent
  • Reclaim our time
  • Live in the moment
  • Pursue our passions
  • Discover our missions
  • Experience real freedom
  • Create more, consume less
  • Focus on our health
  • Grow as individuals
  • Contribute beyond ourselves
  • Rid ourselves of excess stuff
  • Discover purpose in our lives

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I don't think I want to be put into any category such as being a minimalist.  Labels don't seem to be the answer for me.  But I do love the thought above . . .

live simply

love generously

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learn constantly

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To let the best of our human nature come out is to live with a magic every day!!  

This is what it means to live a life of value.  Not only value to you, but value to your family, friends, those you walk by or meet briefly, to your community, and to those in your presence for any length of time.  Should what we care about only have value for our lives, or are there things that are bigger than ourselves that we must be willing to sacrifice for and become our best selves for?

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The magic of moments you are completely present in.  The person you are with, nature you are absorbing, the book you are reading, whatever you find yourself doing - you are 100% present in that moment.

Truly - this is a beautiful thought - - -

May you love the process and learn all you hope to do to contribute to the light and joy of this world!!