Efficiency? We've Got That Covered!!

I don't know about you but I love reminders!  Even when it's something I am very familiar with, I love the reminder!  I can't help having this thought run through my mind, "Oh yeah, that is important!!  Thanks for reminding me!!"

That's how I feel about this infographic below, so I thought I would share it with you 

Here's hoping it's a reminder you like also!

A thank you to DIY Homer for making this infographic available.  You can go here to find it.

Don't you love these simple steps, yet they can create powerful results!!  I particularly love the one about staying positive!!  We decide the energy we want in our lives each day!  I love the reminder of how vital being positive is!!

Oh, and isn't it liberating for the entire rest of the day when the worst is done first!!  Phew!!  I really think that changes the nature of the whole rest of the day!!  Do you agree? 

I covered some thoughts on productivity and learning how to love hard work here if you are interested. 

I did a little searching and found these free printable goal setting cards. I know it says they are for kids, but I like them for myself!!  I like the idea of cards!!  They are portable!  They are simple and straightforward, getting right to the point of accomplishing those goals and checking it off. I also like the idea of a PRIZE!!  Who doesn't do better with a reward at the end??  And with summer vacation upon us (YEA!!) they are fun and easy for children!

I hope these are helpful to you!!

I want to thank Sam from Simple Everyday Mom for creating and sharing this!!  What would we do without generosity like this?  You can go here for her post (It has a lot of info) and here for her free printable pdf.

By now, you can probably tell I love quotes, so I can't leave you without giving you a couple of inspiring ones . . .

From  pinterest
From  pinterest

Feel JOY in  all you look forward to accomplishing!!  

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