Peace of Mind in an Emergency Car Kit!!

One spring we were driving on Interstate 80 heading back home when we got caught in a storm in Wyoming (Good old Wyoming for those snow storms!).  The storm wasn't bad, but a semi-truck had jack-knifed, flipped over and the freeway was closed.  We were stuck on the freeway with nowhere to go.  We had to sleep through the night in our car right in the lanes of the freeway.  We were so glad we brought a few emergencies supplies with us, like blankets, food, and drinks, but honestly, we didn't have a lot more than that, other than the usual chains, battery cables. etc.

Suddenly, an emergency car kit becomes a necessity!!  

It may be summer and there won't be any snow storms, but another time in the summer there were storm alerts so we delayed our drive back home a day (note to self -always check weather conditions even when it isn't winter traveling conditions).  We learned traffic was backed up for miles, stopped dead in its tracks for a long time.  When we drove through there the next day, semi-trucks were on their sides all over the place and trees were uprooted everywhere.  We were so glad our daughter decided to check the weather conditions even though it was summer.  Who thinks to check in the summer?

That is why I want to share this Emergency Car Kit idea with you!!  It is road-trip time after all!.

Preparedness Mama has some suggestions for a car emergency kit.  The photo above is an example of her kit.  She also provides a list of items that should always be carried in your car.  Check her list out here.  It's not a comprehensive list, but she brings up some things worth thinking about.

She also includes a link to this pdf below which is a more comprehensive list for an emergency car kit, but I thought I would give you easy access to it here because you might miss the link among all her other links.  Just click on the link under the image below.

For a pdf of a complete list of items to put together ahead of time in case of an emergency go here at "What Happens Now" to print the pdf.

A 72-hour kit is a quick and easy thing to grab at the last minute before a trip.  We keep a few of these in our home. It is quick to grab and bring along on a road trip!!

This is the one we got at Costco (We don't receive any compensation by linking you to Costco.  We just liked the price and bucket storage).  You can find it here.

We hope we've given you something to think about!  

We hope you never need it, but boy, it's a great feeling to know you are prepared for the unexpected!!

Have fun putting your emergency car kit together and enjoy the peace of mind!!

Happy traveling!!