A Messy Food Container Drawer? Oh My!! These 6 Ideas Will Help!!

I ran across this post from Apartment Therapy I have to share with you!!  WHY??  One of the things that I don't like being unorganized is food storage drawers.  How about you?   Do you feel the same?

I do not like having to hunt for the right lid for the right bottom and to make it worse, you go rifling through the entire drawer and there ISN'T EVEN A RIGHT LID IN THERE!!  

Do you ever have the same problem??

 Do you have a drawer that looks like this?   via

 Do you have a drawer that looks like this?  via

Or maybe you've made an attempt and it looks like this?   via

Or maybe you've made an attempt and it looks like this?  via

Either way, it's not how you wish it was organized!!  Am I right?

Apartment Therapy shows 7 ways to get those drawers in shape!!  I thought you might like seeing those ideas also!!  Here are my favorites, which are just about all of them!

When we had our kitchen redesigned (We completely gutted it and started all over again, adding what was our dining room to the square footage of our kitchen.), we put in several deep drawers that made food storage container organization easy.  Before that, we couldn't get a handle on that at all. Perhaps you feel that way also!

we hope these ideas will help you out!!

1.  Use a plate rack

food storage3.jpg

2.  Use book bins

3.  Use a tension rod

4.  Use drawer dividers

5. Use a magazine holder hidden inside the cabinet

6.  A really great product you can purchase that organizes food storage containers perfectly and goes right into your cabinet! 

I had no idea there was such a great invention as this!!  

I had no idea there was such a great invention as this!!  

I can take no credit for any of these ideas so give your thanks to Apartment Therapy. Go here to see all of their ideas and get the link to Wayfair where the product above can be purchased.

I think it's a great idea to get one organizing project done per week.  Doesn't that sound like a great idea to actually get things done, organized, and feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment?  

  • Make a list of the things you want to get organized, whether big or small.
  • It might even be a perfect idea to start with the small projects so the sense of accomplishment can kick in.  A food storage drawer would be a great start, perhaps!
  • See which one you feel like doing that week and go for it!!  (I started with my file cabinets and threw away over 10 years of lessons I had taught!  Empty drawers!!  Yea!!
  • Before you know it you'll see the progress that makes you smile!!

If you would like help with your pantry go here and we would love to help you!!


would you like a free printable "get Busy" list to get you started?

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Hope this gives you something to think about and enthusiasm to get started!!

happy day!!