Are You Drawn To Simplicity?

Day 4- Evaluate what you fill your home with and the effect it has on your life!

What are you drawn to?  Are you drawn to simplicity or do you love to collect and enjoy the feelings that come back into your heart as you see every nook and cranny filled with memories of your life?  There is magic in either way of living when that is what you are drawn to!  

In this post, we are going to look at simplicity - 

We've been going through a cleaning out phase.  It has just felt like the right thing for us!  But we love homes that speak of history, experiences, and memories as well!  Isn't it wonderful that there is room in this world for both?  

What do you feel like doesn't speak to you anymore in your home?  Maybe it is time to consider letting someone else, who they do speak to, have time to own them?  We have done that with many things we have collected over the years, as we have donated them to charity organizations.  It's been a good feeling for us!

The list below helps make sense of that process.  For us, we released ourselves from it being the right piece for a certain spot, and only kept those things that had meaning and value to us.  We kept those things that made us smile and inspired us.  

  • We got rid of too many pillows on our sofas and chairs.
  • Vases and knick-knacks went out our door to grace the home of someone else.
  • We cleared out tablecloths, napkins, candlesticks, and serving dishes and kept classics that would work for any purpose and easily mix and match.
  • We re-evaluated family heirlooms, as everyone gathered around to determine what they wanted handed down and what they really weren't interested in (must admit-this one was a little hard to do, but we honored the wishes of those who they would be handed down to).
  • We got rid of half our holiday decorations and when we have put the decorations up this year, we didn't even miss them!
  • We got rid of things on shelves and put baskets in their place that could be used for storage, like putting the holiday decorations for that room in those baskets.  That is a great feeling and putting up decorations is so easy now!
  • We went through toys that were outgrown and only kept those that still sparked imaginations, or those that memories were still too fresh to part with for now.
  • We are keeping an open mind to things we wouldn't mind parting with in the future.
  • And we are not replacing these things with other things!  That's a great relief on the budget!
  • We also created storage solutions to keep things organized and within easy reach!

We hope our experience helps you and the infographic below helps you evaluate this process for your life -

Just take it slow - room-by-room!  There is no rush!  In fact. taking your time and reflecting on what you are achieving and enjoying what you have felt from owning that item through all these years, is a pretty nice experience!  It's also pretty funny when you come across items that cause you to wonder why in the world you ever thought getting that was a good idea!!

In the end, you can achieve whatever you want and end up with surroundings that are -

So simple and beautiful - if that's what speaks to you - 



No matter where we are in life, we know what is sweet to us and brings us joy!

May that be what we fill our life, heart, and home with!!

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