We Need Each Other!!

As we see what is happening in Texas after Hurricane Harvey, we are reminded that we need each other.  As the news shows us what can be terrible in people, we see what is really good in people as they risk all to come to the aid of others who need them!  We see the nobility of the human spirit and it reminds everyone of who they really are!!  It is inspiring!!

We all have the capacity and the heart to rise to the occasions life presents to us!!  We all have the capacity to lift another in need. We all have the capacity to bring light and love into our world.!!  We all have the capacity to make a difference for good in the lives of those we are with!!

 May we never, ever forget that WE NEED EACH OTHER!!!

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All these beautiful and thought-provoking photos are from birds and baking.  Thank you!

We wish for you a joyful day because your heart rises to be a light for others!!  It is a magnificent thing to recognize we need each other - every single one of us!!