Do You Like The Idea Of A Homework Station?

I have always believed our children know what we value by the importance we put on it.  We changed our living room into a library so they would know the value we put on books and learning.

How do we let them know the value we put on their education?

Would a homework station help?  

I love the idea of a homework station of any kind, where the supplies they need are right where they need them, and they know their homework being done well and on time is important to you!  That is how it becomes important to them! 

Below is the ultimate homework station!!  It is bright and inspiring and a completely dedicated area for learning!  WOW!!  But if you don't have room for something like this, we have several doable ideas for you!

These next 3 ideas only require one open wall -

If you don't have room for desks and chairs, these next 3 ideas require space the size of a bulletin board -

At The 36th Avenue she made a board to put on the kitchen wall where they do all their homework.

If you don't have a spare wall for homework organization, these next 4 ideas can go wherever there is space to do homework and all the supplies are exactly where you can find them -

Like the idea of a Lazy Susan homework station?  Home Stories A to Z shows how to make a Lazy Susan with magnets that keep the cans attached or the cans can also be removed when the supplies are needed in another location! 

The good old IKEA Raskog cart ($24.99).  Take your homework supplies wherever you are doing your homework!!  Not bad!! We did a post on this cart here.  I have learned that Michels carries a similar cart called the Lexington 3-Tier Rolling Cart at $30 that comes in several colors.  You can find it here.  Don't forget to use one of Michael's 40% off coupons on it.

We all have doors that can be used creatively for organizational needs.  Hang an organizer on the inside of the door and no one except your students will know you have all their homework supplies within their reach -

Need some ideas from the professionals at Smead for setting up a homework station?  Smead has provided a free-printable for you to get ideas from -

From Smead  Go  here  for the article and  here  for the printable PDF

From Smead  Go here for the article and here for the printable PDF