7 Ideas For Creative Bathroom Storage Solutions

I'm rethinking what I own a little bit.  I'm looking around my home and deciding what I really need and what can be passed on to others.  Do I need all the knicks and knacks that are on my shelves as decorations?  Can I replace them with something that is useful and still add beauty to my home?

I decided that I could.  I have looked at all my bookcases and desktops and cleared things away and replaced them with beautiful baskets that are also useful for storage.  

I have cleaned off the shelves and simplified.  

It has really made me smile as I look at the simplicity and usefulness!!

I found some ideas along those lines for our bathrooms.  I hope you enjoy these 7 ideas - 

1. Utilize unused space on the back of the door and create a place for everyone's towels!!

2.  Leave an attractive basket out to catch all those dirty towels and clothes that need washing.  it provides an obvious place to put those items that need washing instead of throwing them on the floor.  Who doesn't like the look and function of a natural basket?

3.  Use the inside of a cabinet door for self-adhesive cups to hold items that are small and used daily.  

From  Martha Stewart  Go  here  to read her installation tips

From  Martha Stewart  Go here to read her installation tips

4.  Find an attractive table that fits the style of your bathroom to give extra storage and counter space.

5.  Use a container to keep toilet paper close at hand.  If you don't like the idea of a glass vase find a basket that works in your space.

6. Use a hotel style towel holder to keep towels close to the shower or bathtub.

From Martha  Stewart   You can find one  here  

From Martha Stewart  You can find one here 

7.  Use trays to organize EVERYDAY items.  A tray pulls things together for a polished and organized look.

7  ideas that remind us things can be beautiful to us and useful at the same time!

happy BEAUTIFYING and simplifying!!