Home Maintenance To Do Now Before The Temperature Drops!

It's the time of year to think about getting ready for colder weather and that means getting your home ready before the temperature drops.  Who wants to go out in the cold and deal with a problem that could have been avoided?  

I found some ideas that seem important to address.  This post will address the maintenance projects that are outdoors or in the garage so you can get them done before the cold temperatures arrive.  It's a lot nicer to get them done in warm weather!!

These first four ideas are from The Family Handyman.  Since you might not be interested in all the ideas, you can access each idea and get instructions by clicking on the link below each photo.   

1. Handyman suggests: "Clean Dryer Vents or Waste Energy and Risk a Fire"

2. Another suggestion from Handyman: "Lube Garage Door Springs or Replace Them Sooner Rather Than Later"

3. They recommend: "Check Garage Door Balance or Wreck Your Opener"

For a more complete garage door tune-up to-do list from The Family Handyman go here.

4. the final idea from the family handyman in this post is: "Keep Window Wells Clean or Risk a Broken Window and Wet Basement"  

In another article by The Family Handyman, they suggest several things to do in the fall for your home maintenance.  Thanks Family Handyman!!  Again, these are some of their outdoor suggestions.  

1.  Clean out the gutters of debris so they don't overflow and cause damage. 

2.  Replace any missing or damaged shingles.

3.  Winterize your outdoor ac unit.

4. Trim any branches that could hit your home during winter storms.

The above ideas have sure got me thinking and realizing what I need to do now.  I hope they are helpful to you also.  

For a list from Better Homes and Garden go here.

HUD has created amore comprehensive list and a free printable 2 page pdf on home maintenance -

home 15maintenance.jpg

For the free printable pdf from HUD go here.

There are many things that bring peace of mind to our lives and preparation is one of them.  We had a rainstorm this summer that caused our gutters to overflow like crazy.  Whoa, our gutters are overflowing with debris.  We realized there are things we have neglected and need to take care of.  I am making a list of things to do this fall.  How about you?

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