10 Simplified Fall Decor Ideas

Is it really fall this week?  Yes it is!!  Time to have fun with a new season!!

I am finding that I want to simplify my holiday decorations.  I love to celebrate the holidays and make them special.  I want people who enter our home to feel the beauty and meaning of each holiday, but I have discovered to put simplified pops of decorations in a few areas of our home and don't go overboard.  Do you know the feeling?  

I love how simple these decorations are, yet they have "POP"!  By pop, I mean they make a statement that is noticed but not fussy or overwhelming.  

This is my year to simplify our holiday decorations and these ideas are helping me.

I like the idea that they use things I already have like vases, baskets, lanterns, or trays.  All I have to do is get some gourds, candles, pumpkins, pinecones, etc. that I add to them.  There is nothing to store in big containers that I have to figure out where to put and pull them out when the new season or holiday arrives. YEA!!

See if these ideas can simplify things for you!!


1.  get out your vases and fill them with mini pumpkins

fall decor1.jpg

The above idea is from allwomenstalk.

From  quotespics

2. Use nuts or gather pine cones - find a glass container, get out a candle, and an instant decoration is created

fall decor2.jpg

The above idea is from livelaughrowe.

3. buy some interesting gourds, find a basket, get out a drill or carve a hole for a tea light candle.  You might want to fill the basket with pinecones, nuts, popcorn, or whatever you find in your yard to finish the look.

fall decor3.jpg

The above idea with instructions is from ravel.

From q uotesideas

4. cut-out wood shapes from scrap wood you have on hand or go to a craft store for wood cut-outs and write the message of your choice. simple!!

fall decor5.jpg

5. use a lantern you have on hand or go to a discount store and buy one.  a lantern can be used for several holidays or everyday centerpieces, even in your yard in the summer. get creative and fill it with whatever you like!

fall decor4.jpg

The above 2 ideas are from hometalk.

6.  How simple!!  Fill a wooden bowl with apples, mini pumpkins, or gourds.

7. Fill a vase with fall leaves

8.  Fill a basket with blankets

From  pinterest

9. A birdcage filled with off-white mini pumpkins!!  Simple, yet dramatic!

fall decor11.jpg

10. A Mixture of greens and off-white pumpkins in a wooden bowl gives a wonderful outdoor look!

The above 2 ideas are from  designrulz .

The above 2 ideas are from designrulz.

Fall!!  What a beautiful time of year!!  We are surrounded with mountains where we live and the colors are spectacular!  We watch the mountains turn from green to fall colors, knowing snow covered mountains against crystal blue skies are next!  It is so easy to savor every season!  

May the beauty that surrounds you in nature find its way into your heart and home!

Happy Day!!