10 Smart Ideas To Keep Things Running Smoothly!

HAPPY 2018!!  We hope you are excited for a new year and a new beginning!!  

How about a start on simple new beginnings for your home?  We don't know about you but we have been going through our home fixing-up and cleaning out!  It has been the best feeling!  We thought we would share some ideas with you to keep your home in order and enjoy that great feeling also!!

In a previous post, we provided suggestions for home maintenance to do on the outside of your home before the temperatures got cold.  In this post, we are providing suggestions to do inside and outside your home. These outside home maintenance projects can actually be done inside the cover of your garage if the cold temperatures have arrived for you.  We love the idea of having a list that you can set a goal each week to get one of them done.  

The ideas are from The Family Handyman, which is where we got the ideas from our previous post. We think these are suggestions that are easily overlooked.  When you click on the link below each photo, you will taken to the instructions.  Nice!!

1. The family handyman tells us to: "Drain Sediment From Your Water Heater or Expect a Shortened Life Span

2. another idea: "Clean Refrigerator Coils or Pay Unnecessary Repair Bills

3.  Get your fireplaces ready.

4. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan blades.  Did you know about this one?

5. Winterize your gas grill

6. check the weatherstripping around windows and doors.  See light coming through?  time to replace!!

7. drain garden hoses before freezing temperatures hit!

8. your home is closed up in the cold winter months.  Make sure you have carbon monoxide sensors to keep you safe!

9.  winterize your lawn mower

10. want a free printable for an all-season home maintenance check list?  

Guttering London has provided one.  We are grateful for their sharing!

home maintenance22.png

Go to Gutters London and click on the infographic there for the free-printable home maintenance checklist.  

Happy New Year!!  We hope it is a year filled with inspiring growth!!