Creating Daily Inspiration In Your Home!

It is a little too easy to put off cleaning!!  It seems like there are other things that take priority, and honestly, it is hard to put cleaning at the top of the list!!  

But the effort can bring inspiring results!!


This list might make it easier and not so overwhelming.  I found that I didn't need to clean as often as I thought I needed to!  Yeah!!  That's a nice discovery!!  See what you think of this list and if it can be helpful to you.

It is from Good Housekeeping -

Go  here  for their infographic

Go here for their infographic

Haven't you found that when you keep up with things daily, it is so much easier to see results like these photos? 

Do you have daily rituals that help you stay on top of things?

Here are some of ours:

  • make the bed right after waking up
  • go through the mail everyday and throw out the junk mail and put away what is kept
  • wipe down all counters when finished
  • keep all horizontal surfaces free of clutter
  • don't set things down - put them away where they belong
  • have cleaning wipes in strategic places where they are regularly needed
  • keep microfiber cloths near every mirror so they are easily cleaned when needed
  • fluff and straighten pillows on sofa's, beds, chairs, etc.
  • wipe off fingerprints on doors, woodwork, etc. when needed
  • when walking out of a room see if there is anything that needs to be put away where you are going
  • don't let dishes pile up in the sink
  • take 15 minutes to do quick pick-up/clean-up projects
  • fold the laundry as soon as it's out of the dryer and put the piles away or where others can put their clothes away where they belong 

It is so nice to have habits and routines that prevent hours and hours of future cleaning!! 

Because any home can be inspiring when it is kept picked up!!

The 3 photos above are from  Onekindesign . 

The 3 photos above are from Onekindesign

From Studio McGee  Promontory Project

FromStudio McGee Promontory Project

From  Studio McGee  Emerson Project

From Studio McGee Emerson Project

We hope this helps you create habits and routines that make cleaning your home simple, so you can have a home that shines!!

Have fun creating inspiration in your home!!