That You May Always Have Light!!

Do you like the idea of having peace of mind?  I think we all do!!  

Do you have a supply of essentials so you are prepared and would not have to rush out to buy necessities in the case of an emergency?

That is something we have worked hard to do and we found 2 ideas that we are going to add to our supplies.  We want to share them with you!!

They are simple, but oh so necessary because they will give you alternative sources of light if you ever need it!

We think that is a big deal!!

This first one is very easy to do NOW!!

1.  The most simple DIY for making 100 hour burning emergency candles!!  You can do this!!


All the instructions for this simple emergency candle is from The Homestead Survival.  You can find them here.

This second idea is easy to store, easy to put together, and could be a life-saver!!  

2.  A candle kit to make now and use in an emergency!


This idea is from Craft Yourself and can be found here.

I don't know about you but we feel overwhelmed when we see blog posts that give 50 or 101 ideas for something.  That is why we are only giving you 2 solid ideas so you can always have light, no matter what happens.  We won't overwhelm you, but we will regularly give you blog posts with ideas we believe will help simplify your life - and -definitely in this case - keep things shining for you!!

With this preparation, you can be this in more than one way!!

May you feel peace through the preparations you make NOW!!