The Power of Goals

We hear many things about setting goals -

Which one is true for you?

No matter how you look at it a goal takes vision to create the goal -

and action to get it done!!

it always involves taking one step after another -

I found a free printable to keep us accountable and reach our goals!  How many times have you heard -


Abby from JUST A GIRL AND HER BLOG is kind enough to share this free printable goal sheet with all of us. 

  • It has a place to write down what is important to you - important enough that you want to take action to achieve it. 
  • It has room to write down your action steps.  
  • You can break down your larger goal into smaller goals with action steps to help you achieve that larger goal.
  • Or you can use it to set several smaller goals in several areas.  



Go here for her blog post which has a download bar to click on that goes directly to a printable pdf.  Thank you Abby!

In the link above to "Guy's Edu Blog" he makes a statement that increases the magnitude of each goal we achieve in our lives -

"Goals: Each journey has a goal, a peak. But once a team reaches the peak there are many others that suddenly look possible."

We can only imagine what we can attain and that is very exciting to realize!!

Happy Week!!