Classroom Valentine Free Printables With A Treat!

We searched and found a variety of free printables for those classroom Valentines!  They are all directly printable from each site.  No need to sign-up or go to a different site to print from.  We hope we found some great ideas to simplify it all for you!!  We have also provided links to get some of the treats easily on Amazon.

1- Buy prepackaged fish crackers and staple this topper on it!!  Easy!


A huge thank you to Ashley at Frugal coupon living.  There is a link for the free pdf.  Go here to get it!

2- join the pokemon craze and print up these cards and add a sucker!


Pokemon here we come for Valentine's Day!!  You can find these fun free printables from honey & lime here.

3- who doesn't love getting a lip balm.  These free printables make this a simple one!!

Here's a pack of 24 ($10.40) or 48 ($16.32) on Amazon!


This Valentine idea is from Jennifer at The Craft Patch again!  WOW, she's creative and generous!! Yoy can find all four versions here in her wonderful pdf directly printable from her site.  Thank you again, Jennifer!!

4- dinosaur love!!  It never goes away!!  Pass these out on valentine's day!  


This fun dinosaur ideas is from Hello Design Meet Life.  You can find the link to the free printable here. It's right under the photo of what the printable looks like.

Need help finding those dinosaurs?  Below is a link to Amazon.  The set of 72 below ($7.99) is here.

Here is the link to all sorts of vinyl mini dinosaurs at Amazon,  No benefit to us if you buy from Amazon.  We are just trying to help you out!!

5- kids love juice or chocolate milk boxes, don't they?  What a fun twist for a NON CANDY treat!!


This creative Valentine idea is from Amber at Crazy Little Project.  You can find the FREE printables here.  Thanks Amber!!!

as always, we try to keep things simple for you and find those sites that make it the easiest!  We are definitely grateful for all the amazing people who share their talents freely!!  That's a valentine gift in itself for all of us!!

Share the love and bring smiles to the hearts of others!!

that's always a good thing to do!!