Declutter Inspiration!

Decluttering is something you can do slowly - a closet, cabinet, even drawer at a time!  There really is no pressure.  Take it at a pace you enjoy!  Listen to music or a good audio book; or binge watch a favorite tv show if you want to tackle a bigger decluttering project!!  No matter how you declutter, it always feels great when you are finished with large or small projects!  

We have found some lists and inspirational photos that might motivate you and give you direction for your decluttering -

2 lists to help declutter your life!

create room for the things that matter most!

1- list #1 seems like a no-brainer!


This sweet list is from The Joyful Organizer!  You can find it here.  It isn't offered as a printable pdf, but you can right click on the image above and paste it into Word.  It doesn't copy perfectly.  You have to print it 2-sided, an #16 is cut in half (unless you resize it), but it's good enough to have for a list you can check off!!

Enjoy your outdoor spaces by decluttering and creating restful places to rejuvenate yourself!!

Declutter a room and welcome guests into a summer retreat when they visit you -

2- the today show has a list for us also -

They provide lists for purging many rooms in our homes.  


You can find their list here.

Below is a copy of their infographic.


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Declutter so you can see all the beauty that surrounds you -  inside and outside your home -

We hope we have inspired you to tackle any size of decluttering job!  We all know the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction we feel when any kind of decluttering happens!!