An Inspiring Start To A New Year!!

I saw this infographic on Pinterest and it made me smile!  Why?  Because it has some simple things to do like clean out your wallet; some thoughtful things to do like make a gratitude log; some practical things to do like finally toss out those socks that don't have a mate; some timely things to do like go somewhere without taking your phone (does our life need that or what?); and some things that require evaluation like "write your best qualities".

Sounds kind of fun doesn't it as we start a new year?  Hope you find yourself smiling just like I did because it's exciting to know our life will be what we make of it and there is the simple to the profound that we can decide to revamp for 2018!!

re·vamp - verb

give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.  (google)



30 things1.png

This infographic is from Culture Trip.  You can find the entire article here.  If you want a copy, you can copy and paste the infographic into Word.  I needed to resize it to make it longer and easier to read.  Have fun doing those things that make you smile!!

just a little something to help you have

an inspiring start to a new year!!

happy week!!