Make More Times Of Celebration!

Don't you love celebrating life?  There are definitely ups and downs and everything in between, but how we feel about our day-to-day lives changes everything!!  Why not choose to celebrate more moments in your life?

That's what this free printable banner made us think about!  We have many people around us who we love and we should find ways to celebrate even things that could get overlooked!  These letters can be printed up for any occasion, and used to celebrate!!  So we thought we would share them with you so you can have them on hand when that celebration bug hits -  


This free printable is from Something Turquoise.  We want to thank them for generously sharing.  You can download it directly from their site and it is a pdf you can easily print from your computer.

what will you choose to celebrate

with your family-

your friends-

or whoever you think needs a reason to celebrate?

have fun making 2018 a year you find reasons to celebrate!

happy week!!!