Cleaning Motivation!

Do you need motivation to tackle all those  cleaning chores?  

We will take all the motivation we can get!!

The reason we like the infographic below is because it has simple things to do every day to keep your home clean and organized along with a deeper cleaning project - only 1 per day.  

It feels totally doable!  Not overwhelming at all!  

What do you think?  


Right click on the infographic above and paste it into Word to have a printable copy to motivate you daily!!  Easy to print!  Easy to do!!

This is from let'sdodiy.  The infographic above has all the information you need.

For further motivations here are some inspiring photos of homes to love -

to keep things clean in your family room -

All 3 family room photos are from  Luxe .

All 3 family room photos are from Luxe.

in your kitchen -

All 4 kitchen photos are from  Studio McGee .

All 4 kitchen photos are from Studio McGee.

in your bedrooms -

That sure inspires us!!  How about you??  we love New year inspiration!!

interested in some natural cleaning recipes?  

These are from He and She Eat Clean!  We want to thank them for making it so simple!

For one of the most comprehensive articles we have ever seen on the best tips and products for cleaning go to Jen's Reviews.  She has done remarkable research to help answer any questions you have and lead you in the right direction.  Her article is called "The Best Cleaning Products For Every Situation".  You can find her article here.

Love the message of this quote below!  It starts at home and spreads wherever you are!!

may you find ways to inspire yourself always!!