Live In The Present Moment To Live Fully!

Day 3- Savor each precious moment of your day!

It is a gift to realize there is power in living with deliberate intention!  You decide how you want your life to be-even- moment-by- moment!!  When the year started (Isn't it hard to believe that was 1/2 a year ago?), there were certain things we went searching for to discover how to do a better job of living intentionally! 

This is one of the things we found that went in our planners to make this year more abundant!!  We thought we would share it with you and strengthen our resolve to be present in each moment of our lives!  It is a sacred trust to remember that each of those moments will not come into our lives again!

What do you think about these 12 statements?  Do they resonate with you? 

You probably receive motivational messages you have signed-up for in your email as we do.  One of those that arrive weekly is from Ben Hardy at Medium.  The inspirational messages are always spot on and really cause powerful thoughts and the desire to live intentionally.  This week was a powerful message on this topic.  Below is a small part of what he wrote:

"“You are what you repeatedly do.” — Will Durant

How is your day going, today?


Look back on all the things you’ve done so far. Did you act like the person you wish to become?

If you repeated today every day for the next year, realistically, where would you end up?

If you are to really accomplish your goals and dreams, how much differently would your regular day need to be than today was?"

And he reminded us :

“Each day is a day of decision, and our decisions determine our destiny.” — Russell Nelson

It's a very comprehensive, thought-provoking article that covers many areas such as:

  • the food and activities your brain needs to grow and thrive
  • how essential love and connections to others are
  • your brain needs more oxygen than your muscles do making exercise doubly important
  • why an evening routine is important for tomorrow to be more powerful
  • how vital a morning routine is
  • why to approach activities with intensity" followed by high quality rest and recovery"

Take a look at Ben's article and perhaps you would love to have his messages delivered to your email regularly!  You can find it here.

We don't receive anything for sharing this article with you.  In Fact, we don't even know Ben, but we thought it might help you live more intentionally- moment-by-moment to read it!!

These are our thoughts for you today!  We hope we have given you something to make this day richer!