Focus on Gratitude Now!

Doesn’t life feel different when it is filled with gratitude vs. seeing all the problems and inconveniences of life? How does gratitude contain such a magic formula that transforms your thinking and your life? We all wish for magic formulas and we definitely have one in gratitude!! We thought we would share some ideas with you to get your gratitude vibe going big time as we head into the Thanksgiving season!! Hopefully, it will become a lifelong habit!!

1- Is this a cool idea or what? Gratitude rolls!! Love this idea for the Thanksgiving meal!! It couldn’t be easier either. Just buy a can of crescent rolls, get the family to write out what they are grateful for a head of time and bake them into the rolls! Voila!!


This idea is from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam and you can find it here.

OR use Rhodes rolls like they did below -


This is from Amy at the idea room. You can find her inspiration here. The paper comes out a little cleaner with the Rhodes rolls.

Love this cartoon below! How about you?

2- Thanksgiving jokes for the lunchbox - cause doesn’t laughter lead to happiness and lead to gratitude?


These lunch box jokes would be so much fun to include in their school lunch! Write what you are grateful for about them on the back and make it a double smile in one! This FREE printable is from Coupons Are Great. You can copy it directly from their site (Thank you!!) and find it here.

Oh man!! The cartoon reminds us that some things don’t change all the much !! Love it!!

3- A 30 day gratitude challenge FREE printable and fun suggestions -


This fun challenge is from Nancy at Craft Your Happiness. She provides 4 FREE printable pages and a great idea to put reminders around your home to help with this gratitude challenge. We appreciate all that Nancy has done for us. You can find it all here.

4- A beautiful reminder for your gratitude goal - a FREE printable to frame!


This is a powerful thought to live by all year long! We can turn our lives into meaning and joy when we live by this! The Crafting Chicks provide this for us and we are grateful for their generosity! You can find it here. It can be printed from their download button at the bottom of their short post. They make it very easy!

5- What it is about gratitude jars? Especially this one that turns into a paper chain you can make with all the expressions of gratitude -


We are grateful to Stephanie from Somewhat Simple for sharing this with us. She makes the FREE printable accessible from her site with a download bar that goes right to a pdf. We love how “Somewhat Simple” that is for us! Actually, it is very simple! You can find all her inspiration and free printables here.

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Keep the gratitude coming!!