Keeping Fun In Thanksgiving!!

When family and friends gather it is always nice to have several options to create fun times together that build into happy memories. We have found some ideas for gratitude and games. We hope you like how easy these ideas are, but the huge difference they can make in creating memorable time together!

1- Fall leaves for a decoration at Thanksgiving OR use this as your gratitude tree and have your family and friends write things they are grateful for on the back -


This super simple and inspiring ideas is from Jennifer at Classic Play! Don’t you love the look? You can find the free printable from her site and all the instructions here. We are very grateful to Jennifer!!

2- Want a fun game to play? How about Tail Feather Tag? All you need are clothes pins you can color with felt pens, colored paper (or foam or felt) for the beak and snood, and wiggle eyes (or draw eyes on)!


No explanation needed on how to play tag, but the last one with a turkey still pinned on them is the winner! Burn off some of that endless energy and get ready for a big meal! This is from Parents and you can find it here.

3- A gratitude wreath your family can add to each week -


This idea is also from Parents. All you need is a styrofoam wreath, leaves cut out of colored paper, pins, and pens! Have the kids make this ahead of time - by the beginning of November and have fun adding leaves till Thanksgiving!! You can find it here.

4- Who can find the drumstick game!! Does anyone ever tire of hunting for the hidden treasure? In this case it’s a drumstick made out of a paper bag and napkins, put together with tape! Yep- you read that right! That’s all it takes to make the drumstick everyone is hunting for!! You gotta love that! To add special meaning you could write things you love about all the people playing the game on small pieces of paper, fold them up in the drumstick, finish stuffing it and then read them all at the end of the game! Will they feel special, or what? Again, something you can do way ahead of time!


Another great idea from Parents. You can find it here.

You can find all 27 ideas from Parents here!

5- I know this dessert looks very delicious, but what about putting this “thankful for you!” in a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup and writing one thing you are thankful for them on the back. That’s something you can do way ahead of time! I like how easy that sounds! And below is a free printable for the thankful card!! Cool!!


This is from Jamie at C.R.A.F.T. and you can find the free printable here. It comes in 3 sizes - 8x10 for framing, a card size, and the one above. Thanks Jamie!!